Best Amulet of Yggdrasil Enchantments in God of War: Ragnarök

God of War: Ragnarok has many tools that Kratos can use to increase his stats and grant incredible new powers, such as the Amulet of Yggdrasil. This amulet allows Kratos to enhance his stats and, in some cases, grant new abilities. The amulet essentially allows Kratos to equip enchantments to suit the players’ needs, and some of these gems grant the best abilities in the game.

The amulet has up to nine slots to equip various abilities. By default, it only has two enchantment slots available. In order to increase the number of available slots, Kratos will need to find Jewels of Yggdrasil and have the dwarven blacksmiths upgrade the amulet. These abilities, like the weapon skill mods in God of War: Ragnarok improve an aspect of his attacks and defense. Some of these gems can be purchased, though others, such as the Asgard set, must be found. Many are great additions to Kratos’ arsenal of weapons, Runic Attacks, and unlockable skills.


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Many Of The Best Abilities Are Found, Rather Than Purchased

It should be noted that there are two enchantment types in God of War: Ragnarok, i.e., Realm set and general ability enchantments. The Realm-focused enchantments do not require anything other than having three from the same Realm equipped. General ability gems are generally found in the ope-world, but most have specific stat requirements to be usable. Some Realm set enchantments can be purchased in the workshop, but others need to be found through favors, boss encounters, and exploration.

General Enchantments Offer Unique Abilities

God of War Ragnarok preview combat

For general combat enchantments, one of the best that can be acquired relatively early is Remedy of the Bifrost. This enchantment requires 130 Defense but grants the ability Bifröst Purification, which allows Kratos to cleanse a small amount of Bifröst damage with each successful attack. This is particularly useful when facing off against Einherjar enemies, as well as God of War Ragnarok‘s hardest boss fights, who inflict this kind of damage very often. A few other enemy types can also inflict this kind of damage, so it remains handy throughout the game. This enchantment can be bought from the workshop.

Another extremely useful enchantment is the Token of Elemental Evasion, which gives Kratos the Evasive Cleanse ability to reduce the amount of time that Kratos is afflicted by the burn, poison, and frost statuses. Kratos can activate this ability by dodge rolling while impacted by one of these statuses. This enchantment requires players to beat Oluf Nautson, a boss in the “Animal Instincts” side quest, and have at least 130 Defense. This will be especially useful in the Crucible, which opens up in Musphelheim after players unlock the realm with a Muspelheim Realm Seed in God of War: Ragnarok.

There is also a group of enchantments based on Kratos’ Spartan Rage abilities. These are Boon of Fury, Valor, and Wrath, respectively. Each of these alters an aspect of the rage mechanic that the player is using, but each comes with a downside. Fury, which requires the player to defeat Blatton, allows Kratos to use less of the Rage meter when attacking and exiting Rage, but he will heal less from each hit. Valor will heal Kratos for less but grants a strength bonus and the Lifesteal buff for a short duration. This requires the Soul Eaters to have been defeated. Finally, Wrath allows Kratos to end status effects on enemies to deal increased damage with the attack. These do not have any stat requirements. These can give Kratos an edge as he battles his way through the increasingly difficult gods of the Nine Realms.

Realm Enchantments Give Kratos Various Enhancements

God of War: Ragnarok Blades of Chaos Whip Attack Being Used by Kratos as Part of Demonstration for Upgradeable Skills and Runic Attacks

The Realm Enchantments require three enchantments from the same realm to be equipped to gain their unique effect. Each, however, grants bonuses to stats and can be quite valuable even if the full set is not equipped. Some offer great bonuses to players due to the stats that the ability is based on. For example, Svartalfheim’s Enchantment Set provides a bonus to stun damage inflicted by Kratos based on his defense. This enchantment bonus is very useful as most players will have a sizable Defense stat, even if not maximizing it. This means the set is generally useful to any player, like any of Kratos’ best weapon skills, and can help the player generate stuns much faster. Svartalfheim’s Lifeblood can be acquired as a reward during the “Fruits of Industry” favor and will grant a 3-point bonus to Defense and 12 to Vitality. Svartalfheim’s Honor is found after completing the “Conscience of the Dead” favor and will increase Defense by 10. Svartalfheim’s Safety can be acquired after the “Garden of the Dead” side quest and increases Strength by eight and Defense by three.

Another potentially helpful set for those who have invested more in Vitality is Jötunheim’s Enchantment Set, which increases Kratos’ maximum Rage based on his vitality. A number of God of War: Ragnarok’s best armors offer a bonus to this stat, and as such, this can help most players retain their Rage a little longer. This set pairs well with the Boon enchantments listed above. Jötunheim’s Essence grants a 4-point bonus to Strength and Vitality as well as six to Luck. This can be found during the “Guiding Light” favor. Jötunheim’s Endurance requires defeating a Frost Phantom near Hoddmimis Holt in Midgard, but the enchantment will give Kratos a 12-point bonus to Runic and 3 to Vitality. Lastly, Jötunheim’s Virtue is found as a buried treasure in Svartalfheim with the treasure map from the “Washed Ashore” favor. This augments Kratos’ Vitality by three and Cooldown by 12.

These bonuses and more can be useful to any player build while traversing the Nine Realms of God of War: Ragnarok. The stat bonuses from the Realm-focused enchantments and the general bonuses apply to any player. These enchantments help boss fights go more smoothly or when exploring the various locations for God of War: Ragnarok‘s best Easter eggs.

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