You can’t handle the truth – A few good men for SP:SPX by dchua1969

Please read this article here and be extra sceptical and careful when buying things online.

We perceive things as the truth based largely on our sensory organs – sight, hearing, feeling, taste and smell. If a particular seller has a large followers base, surely he must be authentic. I mean, check out the figure, it looks real, isn’t it ?

And it is really difficult in the investment world as well. Look at the recent Cryptocurrency scam (read here) And its investors are big reputable names like Sequoia Capital and Temasek Group which managed multi billion dollars in assets.

So, if these supposingly smart and intelligent people with a vigorous research network and intelligence system could got it wrong , how about ordinary folks like you and me ?

Here’s one for the record. I know because some of my friends, colleagues and even followers confided to me.

Now, look at all these veteran investment gurus latest articles :



Unless you have been living under a rock or hardly read the news, you would not know that many tech companies are laying off staffs by the thousands. I have said that this will eventually spread to the non tech sectors and the worst fear is not a recessionary environment but STAGFLATION.

I certainly hope that I am wrong or could I be overly pessimistic about the US economy , I don’t know. Who knows what other tricks that FEDs has on their sleeves but much is to be expected wit the 0.25 basis point increase in interest rates next round.

Therefore, I am absolutely clear why I am writing here for the past 5 years and though it seems futile to some, it may serves as a reminder to others. By no means, I am a guru or expert in investment. I am just an ordinary guy who dabbles in different asset classes in the past , got burned here and there , learnt a few hard lessons and decided to share my truth (in my opinion) to those who wants to be entertained. It should NEVER be construed as any investment advice and you are 100% responsible for your own money as I always said.

If you learn the tricks of trade, even if you make a dollar profits, you know and appreciate much better than following someone else. So, never let anyone to tell you what to do with your money (especially the bankers, gurus,etc) whom you never know who they really, really are. Be prudent, go slow and ride the journey through its up and down.

Very few people make CONSISTENT profits from trading (in my opinion) and that is why in the internet you will find tons of courses to sell you – from forex to crypto to market indicators that can predict the market. I have always said, if one day I miraculously found a 100% way to make money, I will hide at home and secretly make the money day in , nights out. Will I sell it ? Of course not, sorry folks,

For me, I am placing my bets on China as you can see from a few of my articles here and here.

I am also parking some funds for investment income mainly from dividends counters like this , this and this.

As always, do your own due diligence and invest in what you know. Facing the truth may be ugly and painful (like you know you have to cut down on spending, make effort to upgrade your skills, tidy up your CVs , etc) or shaping up your health (eating better, exercise more ,etc) so that you spend less time on bed or in hospital (waste of time and money).

See you at the TOP !

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